Atlantic Severe Needs Associates Inc. Is a Maine nonprofit corporation with three primary goals.

Mission Statement

Atlantic Severe Needs Associates, Inc. serves to help those children and adults with severe neurological and/ or behavioral issues attain dignity and self-worth through better understanding of potential treatment alternatives. This includes up to date technology, stem cell remedies, diet responses, and possibilities of employment opportunities.  

About Us

Atlantic Severe Needs Associates Inc. is a Maine nonprofit corporation with three primary goals. 

A. Provide quality consulting to children and adults in order to mitigate or cure neurological issues caused by trauma or brain injury. 

B. As technology is rapidly advancing. Stem Cell and other new treatments have proven successful to some brain injured victims. From its donations and grants Atlantic Severe Needs Associates offer children and adults stricken with significant handicaps some or all funding needed to offset the cost of medical treatment. 

C. Help identify to its special needs client’s employment or business opportunities that will give meaningful and financial purpose to those who otherwise may lie lonely and bedridden. 

Most children and adults afflicted with learning issues often have unique situations requiring a customized solution. Our experienced special needs educators have worked with the most severe forms of special needs individuals. Through online live video conferencing sessions, they consult one to one with both the student and parent or guardian.

Complete our free assessment form, email it to us, and we will contact you to discuss if we can be of service and possibly offer a cost-effective consulting package. We are a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation accepting tax deductible donations.

Our Associates

Lisa M. Gilbert

Executive Director

Lisa Gilbert graduated Magna Cum Laude from Salve Regina University in 1993 with a double major In Elementary 1 – 6, and Moderate Special Needs N – 9. Ms. Gilbert went on to get her graduate degree In Severe Special Needs from Boston College in 1994. During her undergraduate years, she was a member in several honor societies including Sigma Phi Sigma, Delta Epsilon Sigma, and Theta Alpha Kappa. She was also a member of Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Ms. Gilbert was a teacher in Massachusetts for 20 years. During that time, she taught at the Walker Home and School for Boys, the League School of Boston, Stoughton Public Schools, and Malden Public Schools. She taught as both an elementary school teacher as well as a special education teacher. She taught primarily grades four through six. Gilbert worked a great deal with children who had behavioral problems, neurological problems, learning disabilities and so on. She has been certified to teach Wilson level I. She also has experience in treating and reversing selective mutism. She implemented and developed a program to treat this disorder.

During her tenure as an elementary and special education teacher, Ms. Gilbert assisted parents and guardians to receive the best education for their children. She advised parents with techniques that could help their children learn skills at home. Her expertise and knowledge of  the IEP helped guide parents to advocate for their children at IEP meetings. She assisted parents to improve their child’s social and emotional skills outside the classroom. In addition, Ms. Gilbert was a private tutor for a boy with disabilities for seven years. Besides teaching him how to read well above grade level, she also gave frequent advice to the child’s grandmother to implement a reading program at home. She guided his teachers to help implement strategies in the classroom. She worked closely with his grandmother through the years to help make the necessary modifications in the child’s curriculum as well as to assist her in keeping her son medication free in the school setting.

Contact Lisa at [email protected]

Leonard C. Faucher

Leonard C. Faucher started his career as a music educator and special education teacher in the Boston are public schools.  Transitioning to the business world he founded the 26-store franchise chain of OfficeLand which was sold to Staples Inc in 1991. Combining his computer background with videoconferencing he later founded the International Center for Distance Learning which was acquired by the Raytheon Learning Institute. In his most recent years, he has been an adjunct professor in business at Houston Community College. Faucher holds both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the Boston Conservancy with Special Education certification from Worcester State University and international economics studies at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. 

Contact Len at [email protected]

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Consulting costs differ according to a client’s needs and the specific specialties offered by the professional Associate. Once a monthly program has been determined all funds for the consulting must be paid in advance of each month. We offer the following opportunities to help either lower or eliminate the cost of monthly consulting.:


Invite your friends and relatives to donate to our Donations page in the name of the client.


80% of funds collected in the name of the client will be allotted to the total monthly consulting performed by our Associate. The other 20% will be placed in our general fund and used to defray the cost of our other programs (explained in the About Us section).


Using continuous funding designated for the client for the purpose of renewing monthly programs is encouraged.

All individuals who donate any amount of funds will receive a document from our company that state that their donation is tax deductible per the regulations of the IRS 501C3 code.

If you have any questions?

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